University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Principle of Macroeconomics - Fall 2022, Spring 2023

Managerial Economics (MBA) - Spring 2023

Binghamton University

Teaching award: 2020 Graduate Student Excellence Award in Teaching (featured)

  • Instructor:

The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination - Summer 2019, Winter 2020, Summer 2020, Winter 2021

Intermediate Microeconomics (Microeconomic Theory), Summer 2021

The Economics of Developing Countries, Fall 2021

Student Evaluations: summary statistics (selected questions; raw copies available upon request)

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Principle of Microeconomics, Fall 2017

Macroeconomic Theory I (Ph.D. Level), Fall 2018 , Fall 2019

Microeconomic Theory II (Ph.D. Level), Spring 2019, Spring 2021

Student Evaluations: summary statistics (raw copies available upon request)

  • Grader:

Economic Forecasting, Spring 2018

Macroeconomics Theory (MA level), Spring 2020

International Trade (undergrad level), Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021

Math Analysis For Economists (MA level), Fall 2020